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PRP Treatments in Istanbul, Turkey

PRP treatment has been a frequently mentioned treatment in recent years due to its healing and rejuvenating effect. It uses plasma obtained from the person's own blood that is rich in platelets. It is a method that can be applied safely because it does not carry the risk of allergic reactions and similar incompatibility.

What is Facial PRP

What is Facial PRP?

A special portion separated from your own blood to help heal your skin is applied to the entire face to assist in facial rejuvenation, repair, and healing. This application is called PRP Facial Rejuvenation.

How is a PRP Treatment Performed?

The blood taken from the patient is placed in a special tube under sterile conditions. The blood is then placed in a tube containing a gel. The tube is placed in a centrifuge and the substances in the blood are separated within 5-8 minutes. The plasma part of the blood, rich in platelets and growth factors, is separated.

Which areas can PRP treatments be used?

PRP is applied to the face, neck, and hairy area at most. It can also be applied to other body parts such as the décolleté area, hands, inner thighs and arms.

Is PRP Stem Cell Therapy?

No, it is not stem cell therapy.

Does PRP Whiten Skin?

It is a long-term effective process, it naturally revitalizes the skin structure in the area it is applied to in order to illuminates it and give a youthful appearance.

Is PRP Treatment Permanent

Is PRP Treatment Permanent?

No. As in every aesthetic treatment, there is a permanence period. More effective results are obtained if the treatment is repeated every 10 days.

How Long Does It Take for PRP Treatments to Take Effect?

The lasting effect of the treatment is clearly visible after 3-4 applications. Immediately after the application, a distinctly healthy glow appears on the skin.

Will There Be Pain After a PRP Treatment? Are There Any Side Effects?

After the application, there may be slight swelling and pain at the injection site. This pain may last for a few days, and this problem can be resolved with simple painkillers and by applying ice. Apart from that, PRP has no side effects on internal organs such as kidney, liver, stomach.

What Should Be Considered After a PRP Treatment on the Face?

Make-up should not be applied for the first 24 hours after the PRP procedure. Hot showers, baths, intense sun, and the solarium should be avoided. It is also recommended that you avoid doing pilates, bodybuilding, intense sports activities, and yoga, which can increase your blood pressure.

In Which Months Is PRP Performed

In Which Months Is PRP Performed?

PRP, Mesotherapy, Laser, Stem cell treatments can be done in the summer months. It is sufficient to be protected from the sun for 1-2 days after these treatments.

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