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Cellulite Treatments in Istanbul, Turkey | Best Clinics & Prices 2024

Cellulite Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey

Cellulite is the indented and protruding orange peel appearance on the skin surface caused by deteriorated and enlarged subcutaneous fat tissue. It is mostly seen on the legs and hips. Unfortunately, women are prone to cellulite due to their skin structure. Because of fertility and other functions of the female body, the skin structure of women is flexible, fatty, and also easily collects fat tissue.

While the bands surrounding the fat cells in the connective tissue in men are diagonal, frequent and regular, in women these bands extend vertically and are loose.

What are the causes of cellulite formation

What Are the Causes of Cellulite Formation?

The most common causes, which vary from person to person, are a sedentary lifestyle, sitting for long periods of time, and unhealthy eating habits. Apart from having a skin structure prone to cellulite formation, the other main causes are genetic, hormonal problems, and aging-related textural disorders.

What Are Practical Solutions to ombat Cellulite Formation Caused by Inactivity?

Medical techniques with devices used in the treatment of cellulite, cellulite massage therapies, activating blood circulation and lymph drainage system with home care and drinking plenty of water are practical and very effective methods in the fight against cellulite caused by inactivity.

Why Does Cellulite Occur in Young People?

Cellulite formation is quite normal in young people, depending on genetic predisposition, skin structure, skin color, nutritional habits, and hormonal conditions. In fact, cellulite is not directly related to age, and there are many studies that say it has been observed more commonly in the younger generation in recent years. During adolescence, rapid and unbalanced hormonal changes caused by development can trigger the formation of cellulite in young people.

Can cellulite caused by hormonal disorder be treated with medical devices

What Are the Grades of Cellulite?

Before starting cellulite treatment, the type of cellulite you have should be evaluated by a expert and a treatment should be chosen according to this degree. According to a study published in 2009, cellulite can be categorized in to 3 different degrees.

Grade 1 - mild: Grade 1 cellulite is considered mild. It frequently does not have the appearance of an orange peel, but rather has a wavy appearance.

Grade 2 - moderate cellulite: The depth of the cellulite is graded from five to nine. This cellulite has an appearance similar to the outer periphery of white cheese and turns into an orange peel appearance if not treated early.

Grade 3 - severe: Cellulite with a depth of 10 or more is intense. Intense cellulite gives an abundant and drooping appearance.

Can Cellulite Caused by Hormonal Disorders Be Treated with Medical Devices?

Yes. In line with a doctor's recommendation, cellulite treatment can be used parallel with hormone treatments or following other treatments. Thus, you say goodbye to the orange peel appearance and prevent the formation of new cellulite for other reasons.

Things to consider after cellulite treatment

Does Cellulite Treatment Work?

Medical devices used in the treatment of cellulite are result-oriented and are very successful methods that have gained patient satisfaction.

How Many Sessions Does Cellulite Treatment Take?

Although it varies according to the degree of cellulite, the desired result can be obtained with between 4 and 6 sessions.

Will Cellulite Disappear Completely?

Although it is not possible to eliminate all cellulite, it is possible to reduce it and reduce its visibility.

What Are the Systems Used in Cellulite Treatment?

There are three different systems used in cellulite treatment. All three systems provide improvement in the skin after a few treatments. The results can be permanent for up to six months.

The first of these is a combination of tissue massage, radiofrequency technology, and infrared light for cellulite treatment.

In the second system, the combination of diode laser energy and tissue massage. This method is most preferred.

The third system is the simultaneous use of radiofrequency at deep and superficial levels for cellulite treatment.

Will cellulite disappear completely

Things to Consider after Cellulite Treatment

You should increase your daily water consumption and drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Cellulite massage and dry brushing the skin are also beneficial. Avoid tea, cola, coffee, sugar, and prepared foods. Eat green vegetables. Be sure to take vitamin and mineral supplements. Take a walk during the day.

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