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Dental Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey | Most Popular Clinics & Best Prices 2024

Dental Bridge Istanbul

Last updated on 25 May 2024 

Dental bridges are a popular and effective solution for people with missing teeth.

Dental bridges can help you chew and talk better, and they look like your real teeth.

In Turkey, there are lots of professional dentist good at dental bridge. And Dental bridge costs are low. The equipments used in dental bridge in Turkey are high level.

In this page, we’ll help you find information about Dental Bridge Turkey. You will read what you should know before dental bridge, procedure, and the best clinics and costs of Dental Bridge in Turkey.

So let’s start!

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What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridge is filling the space with a fake tooth when you have one or two missing teeth.

Dental Bridge Istanbul Turkey Best Clinics

The dental bridge has crowns on each side, and these crowns are attached to the nearby real teeth or dental implants. So that’s why dental bridges are stable and durable solution.

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Things You Should Know Before Your Dental Bridge Treatment in Turkey

  • Dental surgery have developed in Turkey in last 20 years. There are many doctors and dentists with extensive experience in dental bridges.
  • Your dentist will make a plan just for you. This plan will say how many times you need to come, what kind of dental bridge is best, and how long everything will take.
  • Dental bridges can be different types. Some use nearby teeth, and others use implants. Your dentist will talk to you about these choices and help you pick the best one for your situation.
  • The tooth clinics in Turkey are very luxurious, have the newest equipment and use the latest technologies. Some of them even have their own special tooth labs.
  • You should consider dental bridges can take several days from start to finish. For making dental bridges you may visit your dentist more than one time. You should keep in view this while budgeting for your travel and treatment cost.
  • So like lots of patients you can take this as an opportunity and combine your medical travel with vacation in Istanbul.
  • After the treatment, it's normal to feel a bit sensitive in your mouth, but that's okay.
  • Just so you know, clinics use modern techniques that don't involve removing enamel or harm your gums. Your health and smile are important to us during your Dental Bridges treatment in Turkey.
Dental Bridge In Turkey Cost

Procedure of a Dental Bridge Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey

As the first step for your dental implant treatment in Turkey, you should contact us to receive the most suitable clinics. Then, send pictures of your teeth and your medical records. Next, an online consultation will be arranged.

You'll have an initial meeting with the dentist where they'll check your teeth, take X-rays, and discuss what you want. Based on this, the dentist will make a plan for your treatment, deciding how many bridges you need and what kind of material is best.

They'll prepare the teeth next to the gap for the bridge by removing a bit of enamel. After that, they'll make a mold of your teeth, which will be used to create your custom bridge. While waiting for this bridge, you get a temporary one to protect your teeth.

In second day, your permanent bridge is ready, you'll go back to the dentist. They'll check to make sure it fits well, matches your other teeth, and feels comfortable.

Once everything looks good, the dentist will cement the bridge into place.

You will not feel any pain as the entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

They'll also give you advice on how to take care of it, like how to clean it and if there are any foods you should avoid.

It's important to follow the dentist's instructions to keep your dental bridge in good shape.

How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost in Turkey?

The approximate cost for one dental bridge in Istanbul starts from about €150.

Prices & Ratings Compared to Other Countries, 2024





~ 150 €


~  287 €


~  584 €


~  627 €


~  1.500 €

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