Fountain of Ahmed III Üsküdar (III Ahmet Çeşmesi)

Fountain of Ahmed III in Üsküdar in Istanbul

The Fountain of Sultan Ahmed III in Üsküdar is located across the pier. This elegant baroque fountain was built on behalf of Ahmed III in 1728.

Originally built to provide the needs of travelers crossing the Bosphorus, it was relocated to its current location during a redesign. The French writer Théophile Gautier described the fountain as follows: “An elegant fountain adorned with arabesques, tendrils and blossoms and covered with Turkish marble script, stands in the middle of the small square, which also serves as a pier and adjoins the main street Skutari. Above the fountain rises one of those charming wide eaves of modern, good taste that covers the source of Top-Hane. “

The marble inscription was written by the sultan himself by using the calligraphy art celî sülüs. The couplets are from the famous poets of that time Nedim, Şakir and Rahmi.

In addition to its aesthetic value, the impressive design of the fountain also shows many artistic details, which were applied with great effort and in the finest handcraft. Among the most beautiful patterns are without doubt the tulips, roses and chrysanthemums.

Located on the busy street of Üsküdar today, the Fountain of Ahmed III once stood at the bottom of the staircase leading down from the terrace of the splendid Mihrimah Sultan Mosque.

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  • Sultan Ahmet, Sultanahmet Meydanı Topkapı Sarayı, 34122 Fatih/Istanbul - Europe