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Sirkeci Station (Sirkeci Garı)

Sirkeci Train Station in Istanbul

Sirkeci Station is a terminus station of the Turkish State Railway TCDD. From here, international, domestic and regional trains run west. As the terminus of the legendary Orient Express, Sirkeci Station gained worldwide fame.

After the Crimean War, the construction of a train connection between Europe and Istanbul was decided. In the spring of 1869, after some signed and prematurely terminated contracts, the concession for the Rumeli Railway was awarded to a Bavarian-born banker from Belgium named Baron Hirsch (Moritz Freiherr Hirsch auf Gereuth). The project foresaw a route from Istanbul via Edirne, Plovdiv and Sarajevo to the banks of the Sava River. After a few options, a terminus was built in 1873 in Sirkeci, which was considered temporary at the time.

At the beginning of 1888 the construction of the new building began. The terminus, originally called Müşir Ahmet Paşa Station, was opened on 3 November 1890 and replaced the station from 1873. The architect of the project was the Berlin-born August Jachmund, who was sent to Istanbul by the German government to study Ottoman architecture. He designed the station in a mixture of Art Nouveau and Oriental styles, which is why it is now considered one of the greatest examples of European Orientalism. While the main building of the station remained in its original state, its surroundings have changed dramatically since 1890. In the 1950s and 60s, the terminal restaurant became a meeting place for journalists, writers, diplomats and other people from the upper classes. The old locomotive from the Krauss & Comp. Locomotive factory Munich from 1874 directly in front of the station building is also worth a visit.

Since 2013, the Sirkeci Station is a stop of the Marmaray railway line. The Marmaray route runs under the Bosphorus strait and connects the European and Asian part of Istanbul within a few minutes.

Every now and then, there are also markets where products and specialties from all regions of Turkey are offered.

In addition, the performance of the whirling dervishes takes place in the large, elegant halls of the reception building. Visit the Whirling Dervish Show and witness the impressive “Sema” ceremony of the Mevlevi Order in Istanbul. The ritual of the whirling dancers comes from an 800-year-long tradition. Essentially, it is more a spiritual event than a tourist attraction. Let yourself get carried away…

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