Polonezköy Nature Park

The nature park is located in the Beykoz district. In 1994, it was declared the first nature park in the city. With an area of 3004 hectares, it is also the largest nature park in Istanbul.

The flora mainly consists of pine, oak, chestnut, spruce, beech, linden and laurel trees. The park is home to animals such as red deer, deer, wild boar, jackals, foxes, squirrels, martens, ferrets, pheasants, partridges, falcons, hawks, owls, magpies and sparrows. There is also a pheasant farm, a partridge farm and a deer farm inside the park.

Polonezköy Nature Park offers many activities such as hiking, jogging and cycling. Rental bikes are available on site. The park also features picnic areas and a campsite.

There are many accommodations and restaurants in the village of Polonezköy.

  • Beykoz Caddesi Polonezköy/Beykoz