Atik Valide Mosque

Mimar Sinan built the Atik Valide Mosque in 1583 for the wife of Sultan Selim II, Valide Sultan Nurbanu.

She was well versed in politics and founded the “Kadınlar Saltanatı” (Sultanate of Women). This was the beginning of an important time in which some powerful women had a significant influence on the choices their husbands and sons made as sultans.

After her death, her son, Sultan Murat III, commissioned the great master builder Mimar Sinan to erect this memorial as a symbol of his love on the highest hill in Üsküdar.

The Atik Valide Mosque is considered, after the Süleymaniye Mosque, the grandest building in Istanbul and experts rank it among the most significant buildings in the entire country.

  • Valide Atik Mahallesi Toptaşı Meydanı Sokak No: 1 Üsküdar

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