Ayazma Mosque

The Ayazma Mosque offers one of the most marvelous views on the skyline of Üsküdar. It was built in 1760/61 on behalf of Sultan Mustafa III.

The Baroque-style mosque with a simple minaret takes its name from the Ayazma Palace, which was located on the site. It is dedicated to the sultan’s mother, Mihrişah Emine Sultan, and to his brother, Şehzade Süleyman.

Access to the mosque is via a courtyard and a lovely entrance staircase. The shrine of the sultan, a bird house and other graves are located in the southern part. The mosque has already undergone several renovations. The minaret also had to be rebuilt twice. The public room as well as the hamam and the shops that were added to the mosque no longer exist. The building stands on a quadrangular base and is covered by a main dome.

Inside you can see the altar, the prayer niche and the pulpit, which is made of red marble and adorned with colorful stones and golden jewels.

The writings above the door and the windows were made by calligraphers Seyyid Abdullah and Seyyid Mustafa.

  • Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Mahallesi Mehmet Paşa Değirmeni Sokak No: 10 Üsküdar

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