Clone of Yeni Valide Mosque

The Yeni Valide Mosque (formerly Valide-i Cedid Camii) is situated in the Asian district of Üsküdar. It was built between 1708 and 1710 by Mimar Sinan’s pupil Mehmet Ağa on behalf of Sultan Ahmed III for his mother, Gülnus Emetullah. Its construction goes back to the late period of classical Ottoman architecture.

The mosque has a square floor and two minarets. The calligraphy was made by Hezarfen Mehmet Efendi. Inside the mosque, the balconies as well as the ceiling painting are very remarkable and offer a delightful sight.

In the courtyard of the mosque is a fountain, which, like the rest of the complex, is made of marble. Right next to one of the five gates is the open shrine of Sultan Mother Gülnus Emetullah Rabia, illustrating the enchanting image of a birdcage. With the historic cemetery in the garden they form a harmonious unity.

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