Embark on a journey to discover cultural and historical treasures! Make an unforgettable trip to the city on two continents.

Explore the legacies of three great empires which can still be seen in Istanbul to this day. Experience Orient and Occident and enjoy the unique combination of European city life and fairy tales from 1001 nights.

It is difficult to discover the diversity of this breathtaking metropolis in just a few days. The Old City of Sultanahmet, the historic peninsula, lies in the European part of Istanbul. The most important ancient treasures and tourist attractions are in the center between Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara. This area was the beating heart even in the Byzantine, the Roman and the Ottoman Empire. The most magnificent palaces and mosques as well as the largest churches and museums are located here. Fascinating historical buildings still bear witness to their past emperors, kings and sultans.

The architecture of the city is shaped by numerous elements of various architectural styles from the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. This is how today’s Istanbul developed into an outstanding metropolis, which is extremely impressive for every visitor.

Visit the marvelous interiors of the legendary Hagia Sophia, get lost in Topkapı Palace, which is located on one of the seven hills overlooking the city, and find out why the Blue Mosque is the only mosque with six minarets. Stroll through Istanbul’s trendy Beyoglu district and admire the city from the legendary Galata Tower. Marvel at picturesque summer residences, graceful wooden villas and opulent palaces while listening to the seagulls flying over the Bosphorus. There are endless possibilities to get to know the city from its most beautiful side.

Follow the traces of millennia-old history. Cross the bridge and go from east to west, from antiquity to modernity and experience Istanbul!

Photo: Aydin Sertbas

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