Schneidertempel (Sanat Merkezi)

If you go up the Kamondo stairs, you will find the Schneidertempel (Tailor’s Temple) on the right between Banker Sokak and Felek Sokak.

This small synagogue, which fits into the row of houses quite inconspicuously, got its name from the community of Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe, who settled in Karaköy in the second half of the 19th century. Most of them belonged to the tailor’s guild. The synagogue was opened in 1884 by the Association of Ashkenazi tailors in Karaköy and served as a place of worship until 1964.

In 1999, the building was converted into a museum for modern Jewish art and caricature art and opened with a sensational caricature exhibition on the topic of “Faith”. Since then, the Schneidertempel has presented many renowned Turkish and international artists. It is worth visiting this small gallery on your walk through Karaköy and Galata.

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