Apart from the bazaars of Istanbul, there is a range of colorful markets in the various neighborhoods of the city that you should not miss.

In addition to the fruit and vegetable markets, fish markets, organic markets, textile and household goods, flea markets, second-hand goods and antiques, there are often occasions for tea and delicious Turkish snacks to enjoy the special atmosphere as a whole.

Here is an overview of the variety of Istanbul’s markets as well as information on where and when they take place.


Weekly Street Markets (Semt Pazarları)

An overview of the most important weekly markets in Istanbul: [tabs slidertype=”left

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Fish markets (Balıkpazarı)

What would Istanbul be without its fish markets? Simply unthinkable! Fresh, seasonal

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Flea markets (Bit Pazarı)

Istanbul’s flea markets offer a variety of antiques, second-hand goods and crafts.

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Organic Markets (Ekolojik Pazarlar)

Istanbul is (eating) organic!   Wednesdays: Fridays: Saturdays: Sundays: Kadıköy-Göztepe Where: Özgürlük

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