Santral Istanbul

Santral Istanbul is a hip arts and cultural center that once functioned as an Ottoman power station!

Since 2007, Istanbul has been proud of its art factory, which consists of a large-scale museum complex of approximately 118,000 square meters, situated in one of the oldest industrial districts. The Bilgi University, together with private sponsors, planned this huge project on the occasion of the city’s nomination as European Capital of Culture 2010. The result is a museum of modern art with imposing facilities consisting of an Energy Museum of a different kind, a cultural center for young artists, a library, a documentation center with a cinema and a restaurant, and an old repair station, which has been turned into a hip café.

The “Tate alla turca” as the Santral Istanbul is called in media circles, is now calling Istanbul an art mecca. In fact, the museum has long been a known quantity in the field of internationally renowned museums, making the city the focal point of the art scene in Turkey and the European East.

Visit this impressive museum and find out how this place once supplied the city with electricity for over 70 years. Here, contemporary art meets works of the Ottoman era; the most important artists of Turkish modernism can be seen here. As a supporting program, Santral Istanbul offers various events and many interesting workshops.

  • Emniyettepe, Kazım Karabekir Cd. No:2, 34060 Eyüpsultan/İstanbul

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