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Travel health insurance is for foreigners who come to Turkey for health tourism. It is for complications that may arise after returning home. Therefore, it covers cases where the medical operation needs to be revised or repeated. Any claims resulting from other complications or malpractice that may occur during the operation is not covered. Furthermore, interventions and examinations required due to additional illnesses of the insured are not covered.

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Please read policy terms and conditions carefully.

  • Dental Treatment Plan

  • Hair Transplant Plan

  • Eye Treatment Plan

  • Plastic & Aesthetic Plan

Dental Treatments Complication Plan

Which medical intervention and complications are covered?

  • Tooth extraction, surgical tooth extraction
  • Root canal treatment
  • Implant application, prosthetic tooth application, periodontology applications 
  • Dental crowns, removal of implants and crowns,
  • Laser teeth whitening practices
    Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Idiopathic wound infection
  • Unusual swelling
  • Excessive bleeding or wound rupture requiring urgent dental intervention
  • Delayed bleeding related to surgical tooth extraction
  • Gingival infection
  • Retained tooth fragment, and implant failure
  • Displacement or dislocation of the implant after implant practice Damage to the jawbone

Are there any restrictions on cover?

If chin implants, chin alignment, temporomandibular TMD/TMJ treatments and all orthodontic treatments are applied in conjunction with or separately from the above covered dental treatments, all the said treatment costs, Costs incurred for corrective treatment that is not medically necessary

Costs incurred if the dentist performing the Covered Dental Treatment fails to follow the pre-procedure recommendations or post-procedure care instructions

Costs resulting from the professional negligence of the dentist

Expenses incurred for corrective treatment if you continue to receive dental treatment in contrary to the dentist's advice, even though it was determined in the pre-procedure evaluation that the Covered Dental Treatment will not provide a positive result

The cost of secondary or complementary treatments planned as part of Covered Dental Treatment

In the absence of panoramic X-rays taken before and at the end of the treatment, panoramic X-rays taken after the complication occurs, and the treatment plan prepared before the first treatment, since the claim adjustment cannot be determined, the claim will be considered out of coverage.


Sales Premium

without INC

with INC

Interventaion in Native Country (INC)



Complication Related Coverages

Inpatient Treatment Coverage



Travel Coverage



Accommodation Coverage



Accompanying Expenses



Intervention in Native Country Coverage



Personal Accident Related Coverages

Accidental Death



Accidental Permanent Disability



Travel Health and Travel Disruptions 



Emergency Treatment Costs



Patient Transport in Emergency/Discharge



Return of decease to permanent residence



Personal Responsibility



Legal Fees (in advance)


Surety Fee (in advance)



Gulf Insurance Assistance Services



What is insured?

Firstly, you can receive complication-related benefits. These include inpatient treatment expenses, accommodation expenses (up to 10 days), transfer benefit, and treatment benefit at home (if selected).

It also includes personal accident related benefits. It covers accidental death and accidental disability.

There are also travel health benefits. These include medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, death repatriation, personal responsibility, legal fees (cash advance), bail bond (cash advance) and Gulf Insurance assistance services.

What is not insured?

All expenses related to the first medical treatment, all complications arising before the insured person travels abroad or returns home, and expenses related to dissatisfaction arising from personal preference are not covered.

They are also excluded if the attending physician cannot report that the recommendations have been followed.

Complications related to any medical treatment or practice other than the covered intervention aren't covered. Complications that occur within 10 days following the insured's discharge from the hospital are not covered.

It isn't covered if surgery occurs before the policy starts. If you are misinformed by the healthcare provider, insurance doesn't cover all costs.

Where am I covered?

This insurance is only valid in Turkey. (Not valid in Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic)

Only the TREATMENT AT HOME COVERAGE listed under COMPLICATION RELATED BENEFITS is valid abroad. (except for Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Crimea region).

When does the cover start and end?

The insurance coverage starts on the start date specified in the policy or the date of entry of the insured at the customs of the Republic of Turkey, whichever is later. It ends on the end date specified in the policy or the date of the insured's departure from the customs of the Republic of Turkey, whichever is earlier. 

Policy coverage is valid for a maximum insurance period of 92 days per one trip. It provides coverage for up to 2 (two) trips within the policy period. 

COMPLICATION RELATED BENEFITS associated to medical interventions that occur between the policy inception and ending dates and specified under the COVERED INTERVENTION title of the policy are valid for 180 days as of the policy inception date.

How do I cancel the contract?

If the planned health tourism trip didn't take place because the treatment was cancelled or postponed, you can cancel your policy. If you give written notice before the policy starts, your policy will be cancelled and the premium will be refunded.


What is travel health insurance?

Travel health insurance is a type of insurance for when you travel to another country. It helps pay for medical costs if you get sick or have an accident while you're away. 

Do i need medical insurance to travel to Turkey?

regular health insurance may not cover you well outside your home country. With travel health insurance, you can get necessary medical care without worrying about your treatment.

When does travel health insurance start and end?

The insurance coverage shall commence on the inception date stated on the policy or by the insured’s entry from the customs of Turkish Republic whichever is later: and expires on the ending date stated on the policy or by the insured’s exit from the customs of Turkish Republic whichever is earlier.

Can I cancel my medical insurance?

Yes, with the condition of fulfilling cancellation rules determined by the Insurance Company.

Does my insurance cover complications due to malpractice?


How much does travel insurance to Turkey cost?

It depends on the treatment. For plastic & aesthetic surgeries, costs start from 260€. For dental treatments insurance, it starts 144€. For hair transplant complications, costs starts from 90€. For eye treatment complications, it starts 136€.

Can foreigners get health insurance in Turkey?

Yes. You can contact us to get health insurance in Turkey. Your policy has to be issued before entering Turkey.

I will be treated in a different hospital. Can I still apply to here for health insurance?

Yes. As Istanbul Tourist Information, all we care about are your safest and effective treatment.

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