Istanbul Restaurant Guide: 

Your guide to restaurants, cafes, weekly markets, street food and traditional local dishes in Istanbul.

Turkish cuisine is without a doubt one of the richest cuisines in the world! You can find specialties of Turkish food culture all over Istanbul. The palace cuisine of the Ottoman Empire forms the perfection as we know it today.

The culinary offer can be categorized into starters (meze), baked goods, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, seafood and desserts.

Try: "The Imam Fainted", "Coiled Turban" or the "Woman's Navel". The most famous and popular snack among the locals is the fish sandwich (Balık Ekmek). Afiyet olsun!

Istanbul Restaurant Guide: Your guide to restaurants, cafes, weekly


Istanbul: The culinary heritage  

In Turkish cuisine, the food is always freshly prepared. The rich regions of Turkey supply the country with aromatic fruits and vegetables. For the preparation of the dishes, there is a special and large selection of foods to choose from.

Most of the recipes have been passed on over the centuries under the influence of different cultures. Over time, a rich cuisine emerged that is also similar to Mediterranean cuisine.

It is not surprising that a trip to Istanbul turns out to be a delight to the palate. The delicious variety of street food in Istanbul alone is full of impressions.

Take a food tour through the best restaurants, trendy districts of Istanbul or in classic style through the traditional eateries and experience Turkish cuisine for yourself.

The right district

  • Are you looking for a traditional restaurant or a fish restaurant on the Bosphorus? Turkish home cooked meals or Ottoman cuisine? Hip Beyoğlu, the Historical Peninsula or the Asian side are ideal places.
  • Esnaf lokanta: good and cheap home cooking at lunchtime with an open buffet.
  • The best street food can be found in and around Taksim as well as in Kadıköy on the Asian side of Istanbul and along the Bosphorus.
  • Exclusive world cuisine? A feast for the eyes: The best rooftop restaurants
  • Nightlife? Beyoğlu, Kadıköy and on the Bosphorus shore


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