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How to Travel easily from Istanbul to Cappadocia [+ Best Deals]

How to Travel easily from Istanbul to Cappadocia

Located in Central Anatolia, Cappadocia is one of the most popular destinations in Turkey.

The historical region, known for its unique geological formations and fairy chimneys, offers countless spectacular attractions and extraordinary activities, so a longer stay of a week in Cappadocia is easily possible.

However, if you are planning a trip to Istanbul, it is just as convenient to make a quick two-day detour to Cappadocia and focus only on the highlights. 

In this guide, you will learn about all five transport options that will allow you to travel easily from Istanbul to Cappadocia. On top of that, we give you some great tips on getting the best deals for your Cappadocia trip!

Let's go!

1. From Istanbul to Cappadocia by Tour

The most convenient option to travel from Istanbul to Cappadocia is by tour. With a tour, you can relax and let someone else do all the planning for you. Not only will you get to see some of the most incredible sights Cappadocia has to offer, but you'll also have all your transportation and accommodation taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the journey.

There are many different tour companies that offer day trips or longer excursions from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Tours typically include round-trip flights from Istanbul, transportation, accommodation and some activities, such as Hot Air Balloon Ride or visiting an underground city.

  • See your best options to book a ride in a Hot Balloon Air Ticket in Cappadocia at the best price here !

2. From Istanbul to Cappadocia by Flight

Traveling from Istanbul to Cappadocia by plane is extremely easy and convenient, especially if you are short on time. Nowadays, there are many direct flights from Istanbul to Cappadocia, which makes it easier and faster to travel between these two amazing places. The flight duration is only around 1.5 hours, so you can be in Cappadocia and exploring its stunning landscape in no time at all.

There are two airports in the Cappadocia region - Nevsehir Airport (NAV) and Kayseri Airport (ASR), so you should have no problem finding a flight that suits your schedule and budget. If you book early, it is often possible to save money on your flight. The easiest way to get to your accommodation after landing is a pre-booked airport transfer. You can choose between a private airport transfer or a shared shuttle transfer.

3. From Istanbul to Cappadocia by Train

Another easy and convenient transport choice is taking the train from Istanbul to Cappadocia. The most convenient option is the high-speed train, which takes about 9 hours. But if you're looking for a more scenic route, you can also take a slower train (called the "nostalgic train"), which takes about 14 hours. Either way, it's an easy, affordable and comfortable journey, and you'll get to see some beautiful scenery along the way!

You can buy your train ticket at any train station in Istanbul, but we recommend buying it online in advance, as tickets do sell out. Once you have your ticket, all you need to do is board the train and enjoy the ride. Be sure to bring along some snacks and drinks for the trip.

  • Tip: If you want to make the most of your time, take an overnight train, such as the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) sleeper train. This train has private cabins for 2 or 4 people, and each cabin has a sink and bedding.

4. From Istanbul to Cappadocia by Car

Making the journey from Istanbul to Cappadocia by car is a great way to see more of Turkey and have a more flexible travel schedule. The drive of about 800 kilometers takes 8.5 - 12 hours, depending on traffic and stops along the way. But it's a relatively easy drive, especially if you take the toll roads. 

If you'll need to rent a car in Istanbul first, you can do that easily at any of the city's many rental agencies. Be sure to get a car with GPS, so you can easily find your way around, as the roads can be winding and confusing. We recommend that you plan your route in advance and allow plenty of time for breaks, so you have enough time to rest and stretch your legs.

5. From Istanbul to Cappadocia by Bus 

The bus ride to Cappadocia is comfortable and relatively cheap, making it a great option for those looking to travel from Istanbul to Cappadocia on a budget. The journey takes about 12 hours, which is of course longer than by plane or train. There are several stops along the way where you can get out and stretch your legs, and there is plenty of space on the bus for luggage.

There are plenty of bus companies (like Kamil Doc, Nevşehir Seyahat or Metro) that offer service between the two cities, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one that suits your needs. Buses are equipped with comfortable seats, individual entertainment systems and charging stations for mobile phones, as well as on-board service offering free hot and cold drinks and a snack. They depart from Istanbul's main bus station, the Otogar. It is advisable to book your bus ticket in advance so that you can secure a spot on the date and time that you want to travel. 

Now you know all options you can consider when traveling from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Whichever option you choose, you're sure to have a great time in Cappadocia! For more inspiration, take a look at our Guide to Hot Air Balloon & the most popular Activities in Cappadocia

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