Complete Lifestyle Guide for Istanbul

The attraction of Istanbul lies in its mixture of Orient and modernity. The City of Contrasts offers a unique lifestyle on two continents!

We will guide you through the dazzling metropolis on the Bosphorus.

No other metropolis can claim to lie on two continents. This is what makes Istanbul so special. On both sides of the Bosphorus, tradition and modernity are mixed, East and West on Europe & Asia. The entire splendor and diversity of the metropolis can be experienced on almost every corner.

Immerse yourself in the world of the nice-smelling, colorful bazaars, enjoy excellent food and drinks with a breathtaking view and experience Istanbul’s flair with all your senses.

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Istanbul's Food Scene

From Food to Restaurants

Turkish Cuisine

In Istanbul you can experience culinary delights in small tradesman restaurants (esnaf lokantası), in taverns (meyhane) as well as in the hippest fine dining restaurants on rooftops! There are just as many delicacies on offer on Istanbul's streets that cannot be resisted.

The Turkish cuisine is a very varied one and particularly rich in fresh ingredients. It is a culinary art in itself: the diversity of dishes, cooked with lots of olive oil and often with garlic, original desserts and always time for a Turkish tea.

Get to know as many of the traditional Turkish delicacies as possible with us. From A for Adana Kebab to Z for Zeytinyağlı Enginar (cold starter variant - meze). Afiyet olsun.

Nightlife in Istanbul

Bars, Clubs and Food ...

Nightlife Districts

Istanbul's nightlife is very lively. It focuses on specific districts. We'll show you which ones.

Beyoğlu has tons of vibrant bars and clubs. Many music genres mix here and the area turns into a stomping ground for night owls. The range extends from house music, electronic dance music and hip-hop to jazz, funk and Latin and of course Turkish music. Occasionally musicians of international standing also perform.

Along the coast of the Bosphorus, there is high spirits, too. The DJs get the crowd going for long nights of dancing. The bass-heavy tunes of the trendy open-air clubs can be heard all night, especially on weekends; sometimes accompanied by fireworks.

A younger crowd can be found on the Asian side of Istanbul in Kadıköy. There are underground clubs, pubs, bars, trendy bars, restaurants and many cafés where you can party.

Belly dancing, which is also part of the program, is used for entertainment in Istanbul’s nightlife. It is particularly interesting for travelers who want to experience this artistic type of dancing live.

Shopping in Istanbul

From Bazaars to Shopping Malls

Shopping Streets, Shopping Malls and Bazaars

Istanbul is a true paradise for shopping enthusiasts and bargain hunters. You will find everything your heart desires: traditional handicrafts in centuries-old, oriental bazaars, antique stores, leather and jewelry shops as well as the trends of innovative Turkish fashion designers, world-famous brands and the most modern shopping malls on Istanbul’s European and Asian side.

One of the oldest malls in the world is located on the Historical Peninsula: The Grand Bazaar. Everything can be found on a covered area of approx. 30,000 m². You will see various shopping streets with carpet weavers and leather tanners, gold and silver dealers, jewelers and special quality goods as far as the eye can see. The art studios are located in the historical caravanserais.

Big city shopping is best experienced in the modern shopping malls and streets. Istanbul's upper class goes shopping in the exclusive shops and boutiques in Nişantaşı and on Bağdat Caddesi.

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