Medical treatment abroad has increased significantly in recent years.

Turkey ranks third in the world in medical tourism.

Especially in Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir you can find specialists and doctors who have made an international name for themselves. Their skills, high success rates and patient satisfaction have made them famous far beyond the borders.

Prices are low in Turkey compared to other European countries and the United States, and flight times from Europe are short.

Read all about the Turkish health sector here. The includes information about the development, offers, hospitals, doctors and much more.

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Health Sector in Istanbul

Health Sector Development in Istanbul in Turkey

Health Sector Development in Istanbul

Since the Ottoman Times, Turkish culture has always valued a focus on well being and personal care. While the medical field has grown and expanded over the last century, the previous decade has witnessed an enourmous boom in medical tourism and healthcare. Turkey now attracts patients from around the world who have learned of their professionalism, their low costs and the wide range of procedures and specialists available.

In 2003 the government encouraged the private sector to establish a variety of new hospitals with brand new equipment and treatment techniques. The goal was to improve the health care system and make healthcare more available. This increase gave rise to competition among healthcare providers which resulted in better medical treatment for the local population and visitors from abroad.

Health Sector Today in Istanbul

Health Sector Today

Today no other country in the world has so many specialized clinics and medical staff as Turkey, resulting in a health system which is accessible for all.

Unlike other countries, it is regulated by a government which requires that all diagnosed health problems must be addressed within 3 days of the initial appointment. This ensures that patients will be given specialized attention almost immediately, eliminating the waiting time others experience in their home countries.

With modern facilities, top of the line technology and specialized doctors and nurses, the Turkish health sector can be likened to a Formula 1 Racing Team! All parts work in a succinct and effective way to deliver the highest quality experience and care to patients from around the world. All details are attended to, from the largest to the most specific.

Health Sector Development in Istanbul

About Turkish Hospitals

In most western countries, the number of hospitals are decreasing, but Turkey, on the other hand, is experiencing the opposite trend. The industry is witnessing a surge in development and expansion, with new facilities going up daily.

As the government is enforcing and subsidizing the health industry, the country has the most top-of-the-line hospital equipment and tools in the world.

Many government and private hospitals are comparable to 5-star hotels, often offering spa packages, restaurant facilities and interpreter services.

The reputation of service and support provided by the Turkish Health Industry has spread globally and more and more foreign visitors are choosing Turkey for their treatment.

Global Medical Tourism

Why Turkey became a favorite medical treatment destinations

The reasons why travelers choose Turkey for healthcare needs are because it is affordable, the country is easy to reach and there is a surplus of experienced doctors.

Facts of the Health Sector in Turkey

Every year, more than 1.5 million visitors come to Turkey for medical treatment! This makes Turkey one of the biggest players in health tourism.



State Hospitals


University Hospitals


Private Hospitals



In addition, there are more than 27,000 polyclinics (outpatient treatment centers) specialized in specific treatments such as Dental Care, Hair Transplantation, Esthetic Surgery and much more.

As of 2021 there are over 1 million people employed in the health sector. Turkey is a country with over 80 million residents and with more than 16 million living in Istanbul. The doctors in the country meet with a high volume of patients, resulting in an increased amount of experience within a shorter time of practice.

I was born and raised in Germany, and when I moved to Istanbul I was suspicious about the hospitals in Turkey. But, as I visited hospitals and dentists I was surprised by how modern everything was! Each appointment far exceeded my expectations and past medical history experiences in Germany. What surprised me most was that I did not have to wait a couple of weeks to get my appointment! When I needed a doctor or a specialist, I was given an appointment the same day or at the latest, the following day. The doctors and nurses were all really helpful and took time to do a thorough consultation.


I can truly recommend that the Turkish health system is effective and honest

Deniz Kaptan49 Years

Industry Certifications

Keeping in line with global regulations in the medical industry, all facilities in Turkey must have accreditation and certificates which are internationally recognized. All clinics and hospitals in Turkey are committed to providing high quality service and meeting safety standards for their patients.

Doctors in Turkey

Most of the doctors and surgeons in Turkey speak a second language, most commonly English, German or French. The average age of a medical professional is generally ten years younger than in European countries and the US. With many of the doctors being in their mid- forties, they are more familiar with the latest techniques, developments and technology in the health industry.

All our doctors are enthusiastic about their jobs and have given the Hippocratic Oath, which declares that they will serve their patients in the most ethical way.  Many received their training in universities around the world, giving them additional foreign experience and practice.  They hold degrees from top medical schools from around the world and have been awarded recognition in their fields of medicine. The doctors in Turkey attend international conferences where global updated information for the health sector is shared.

But, one of the most unique features of the Turkish health care system in relation to the doctors, is their warmth and caring touch. Turkish culture is known for its hospitality and welcomeness. Anyone who has traveled in the country will tell of how accepting the Turkish people are and how eager they can be to share their home and food with visitors.

The doctors extend this warmth by showing genuine and sincere care for their patients, taking extra time to talk with you, double checking that you feel comfortable and secure, and most of all, showing that they are interested in your medical procedure as more than just that, but as an important decision and often life changing experience in your life.

Medical Devices in Turkish Hospitals


Turkish medical facilities are proud to use all of the leading international brands in equipment and even more proud to share that they are up to date with the latest models in those brands!

In 2020, even the state hospitals, which run on a tighter budget, removed all of the outdated equipment and ordered the latest models on the market. With the public and private sector so well supplied, Turkish hospitals have become some of the most modern in the world.

Reasons for Choosing Turkey

Reasons for Choosing Turkey

The expertise, the trust, the first class doctors, nurses and latest technology of medical devices are the obvious factors which make Turkey so attractive!

And, let’s not overlook how convenient it is to travel to Turkey! Turkish Airlines provides low cost flights to the highest number of cities and countries around the world.

Aside from a fantastic and professional team of doctors, staff and facilities, the country of Turkey has much to offer.

Once you've arranged your medical trip, you can also enjoy a touristic holiday. Istanbul alone is full of UNESCO Heritage sites, some of the country’s greatest culinary options, exciting nightlife, boat trip excursions along the bosphorus and to the Prince’s Islands and endless shopping options.

If a medical treatment facility in the south of Turkey appeals to you, you can combine your needs with an unforgettable beach holiday, visiting some of the most pristine coastline in the country.

Choose the Right Clinic with Us!

You'll find the best clinics and doctors here!


In Europe and America, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are not only expensive, but are accompanied with long waiting times for an appointment. In some cases, the surgeons are not specialized in the exact training needed for the procedure. In Turkey, on the other hand, there are now so many providers that the patient can narrow down their exact needs to match with the ideal doctor.


We offer patients the option to choose from many different trustworthy qualified specialists who have years of practice. It aims to provide a stress free experience of finding the right doctor for the right price. Only clinics and surgeons who are certified work as partners with us. Any questions or concerns you may have are easily addressed by our staff who are available 24/7. Contact us now for a free consultation!

What offers Our Partner Clinics in Turkey?

We only work with first class clinics and surgeons, guarneeting expertise that you can trust! Our ultra modern clinics often resemble five star hotels and our partners only work with the most excellent equipment on the market.

Also, always offer fast appointment booking and consultation at low costs with the specialist of your needs.

The patient's care is the utmost priority for us. Through every step of the process we accompany you, offering support and care even after the procedure has ended.  

We guarantee to be by your side for all steps, from individual pre-op consultations to preliminary discussions with certified surgeons. We will assist with your arrival and transfer to a hospital near your hotel, be present at the procedure,  and be by your side for post-op care & consultation quotations and help. Be assured, we are available at all times! Please feel free to ask anything!

Turkey has many specialists to choose from for the procedure that you desire, with the most cosmetic surgeries performed in the world. All have extensive experience and are highly qualified.

Hair, teeth, eyes and aesthetic procedures are all specialties in Turkey, with a surplus of professionals dedicated to practicing and improving their fields.

All materials used in procedure have been internationally certified, are safe and of the highest quality. They are provided by reputable international brands and are under warranty in various countries.

Here, we guarantee the lowest price!

If you shop around and find the same procedure at a lower cost we  promise to match it. Compared to Europe and North America, Turkey offers much lower prices for procedures with better quality and more options for facilities and doctors.

Turkey is easy to reach and offers a fantastic holiday experience

aside from your medical visit. There are many UNESCO World Heritage sites, stunning coastline and vibrant cities. Easily make your visit a sightseeing trip while you're here!

Best Time for the Treatments

Treatment is available year round, but we recommend scheduling for the spring or fall as the weather is more agreeable to a healing period.

Insurance for Medical Treatment

Please first check with your local insurance company if it covers treatment in Turkey.

Before You Travel You Need to Know...

Before you embark on a medical trip to Istanbul or Turkey there are some vital things to know. Being prepared by following the list below will prevent any issues that could cause difficulties.


Double check with your doctor that you are able to travel to another country with your existing condition. It's important to note that some conditions can be dangerous to fly with.


Make sure your passport is up to date and you have fulfilled all visa requirements. When booking your flights be sure that all ticket information matches identification.


Arrange all of your health documents and medications relating to your past history and present procedure. These will be requested by your doctor in Turkey so having them organized and accessible is key.


Prepare ahead of time with the local currency, the Lira. You can most likely exchange at an exchange office in your home country or do so at the airport before or after flying.


Double check all information and details on your transportation service from the airport, your accommodation in Turkey and the clinic which you will be in the care of for your procedure.

Available Treatments in Turkey

Of the 1.5 million travelers coming each year for medical treatments, half come for aesthetic treatments such as hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, eye laser and dental care. But, Turkey also treats many for serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Professionals here are experts in all fields of medicine and can provide patients with the right treatment methods for each diagnosis. 

Here the list of treatments in which Turkey has become a specialist:

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