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Just like everywhere in the world, aesthetic procedures such as rhinoplasty are very common in Turkey.

This is because, like everywhere else in the world, the locals in Turkey also attach great importance to their appearance.

Therefore, in Turkey and especially in a metropolis like Istanbul, there are a large number of world-class specialists with many years of experience who have also attracted attention abroad. This has led to more and more patients from all over the world traveling to Turkey to undergo cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty.

Whether you are unhappy with the shape of your nose and wish to boost your self-esteem, correct changes to your nose caused by injury, or suffer from breathing problems, you will find some of the best nose job doctors in Istanbul.

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Types of Rhinoplasty

There are four types of rhinoplasty surgery. During a thorough consultation with your experienced plastic surgeon, your surgeon will evaluate which rhinoplasty type is the right one for your specific case. See here the 4 types of rhinoplasty.

  • Open Rhinoplasty: Open Rhinoplasty is the most common type of rhinoplasty surgery. It is performed for major reshaping of the nose. During an open rhinoplasty, a small Z-shaped incision is made in the tissue between the nostrils. This technique offers the advantage of greater precision, which is especially important in more complex cases.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty: Closed Rhinoplasty is a technique used for minor reshaping of the noseUnlike open rhinoplasty, the incisions are made only inside the nostrils, leaving no visible scars. Another advantage of this technique is that it causes less swelling and bruising during the recovery period.
  • Complicated/Complex Rhinoplasty: A Complicated Rhinoplasty, also known as Revision Rhinoplasty, is performed to correct deformities or functional problems that occurred after the initial rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Septum Rhinoplasty: A Septum Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct a deviated nasal septum.

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Things you should know before your Rhinoplasty Surgery in Istanbul

In order to receive the best possible information, price and treatment for your rhinoplasty, it is crucial that you provide your clinic with truthful information and do not omit any relevant detailsBe upfront about everything and do not hide anything important. For example, be sure to tell the clinic beforehand if you have already had a rhinoplasty, suffer from a sports injury or if you have breathing problems.

Be sure to send good photos of your nose beforehand.

It is also very important that you stop drinking alcohol and smoking at least one week before the scheduled surgery as well as two weeks after the nose job. They increase the risk of complications during surgery and the risk of nose bleeding after surgery.

After rhinoplasty surgery, it is important that you take it easy for at least two weeks. Also, keep your head elevated and do not make any quick movements. Otherwise, nose bleeding may occur.

Swelling and bruising are common side effects. They typically fade away within 2 - 3 weeks after the surgery.

Following the surgery, you will need to sleep on your back and consume liquid foods for 2 weeks.

In total, you will need to spend about one week in Istanbul for a nose job.

It is necessary to wait at least one month before you can do active sports. Make sure that the sport activity does not endanger your nose.

Since the swelling on the nose can last up to a year, you will usually be asked to send your surgeon recent photos of your nose in the first three to 12 months after rhinoplasty.

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We can recommend 4 qualified, trustworthy plastic surgeons in Istanbul with whom we have had very good experiences.



Istanbul Aesthetic Center

Istanbul Aesthetic Center is specialized in Hair Transplantation, Rhinoplasty, Medical Aesthetics and Dentistry with its specialists like Prof.Dr. Gurhan Ozcan and Op.Dr. Ergin Er.

Istanbul Aesthetic Center



Dr. Mehmet Melik Çiçek

Dr. Mehmet Melik Cicek is specialised in Rhinoplaty and all kinds of Nasal & Ear operations like Tonsillectomy, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Adenoid Surgery, Ear Tube Insertion and Septoplasti.

Dr. Mehmet Melik Çiçek



Dr. Banu Aksoy

Dr. Banu Aksoy is specialised both in Surgical & Non-Surgical Aesthetic operations like Fillings, Skin Care, Eximia, Mesotherapy, PRP and Rhinoplasty, Breast Surgeries, Gynecomastia, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and many more…

Dr. Banu Aksoy



Dr. Cahit Vural

Dr. Cahit Vural worked as chief specialist in many hospitals and published many articles about new treatment methods about Surgical & Non-Surgical Aesthetic treatments & operations.

Dr. Cahit Vural


If you decide to have a nose job in Istanbul, you will first need to take photos of your nose and send them online to your chosen clinic. Your surgeon will then evaluate the photos very carefully.

You will also need to fill out a form with important information, including your allergies, diseases, medications you are taking, surgeries you have had and other important details.

When you arrive in Istanbul, you will see your surgeon for a check-up one day before the procedure.

Next, you will have the rhinoplasty surgery which usually takes about 2 to 3 hours. After the surgery, you stay in the hospital overnight so the staff can monitor your condition. Afterwards, you can return to your hotel.

On the 5th day of your stay in Istanbul, you will visit the clinic again. Your doctor will remove the medical padding from your nose, examine the healing and perform further follow-up treatments. After that you can continue the vacation or fly back home. In total, you will need to spend about one week in Istanbul for a nose job.

How much does a nose job cost in Turkey?

  •  The approximate cost of a rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul is between €2300 and €4000.

Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgeons in the World?

The average cost of rhinoplasty in clinics around the world with the best team, the most modern equipment, the required certificates and standards, and the most professional surgeons with above average skills and ratings.

The price table for rhinoplasty is valid for the years 2021 to 2022

(from the cheapest to the most expensive and the average rating)





~ 2300€


~ 2400€

Czech Republic

~ 2500€


~ 2800€


~ 3200€


~ 3400€


~ 4300€


~ 5200€

United Kingdom

~ 6300€

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