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Microblading for Eyebrows in Istanbul, Turkey | Beauty Salons, Cost & Tips 2024


Eyebrows are very important for all women who care about their appearance, because eyebrows determine the expression on our face. 

For this, we need to take care of our eyebrows regularly and fill the gaps between them with eyebrow shadow. However, doing this over and over again every day is very difficult for many people, especially working women. Every woman wants her eyebrows to be designed to accentuate her face for an impressive look and to last for a long time. Additionally, with incorrect eyebrow care, our eyebrows become weakened over time and gradually become thinner.

If you are a woman with thick, bushy eyebrows and dark skin, you are lucky. However, if you have fair skin and fine eyebrow hair, you are a little less lucky than brunettes.

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Microblading is a natural bristle technique that can transform eyebrows that have become thinner and deteriorated over time, to the volume and shape you want. You won’t have to worry about your eyebrows every day and can enjoy the beauty of your eyebrow shape for a long time.


How is the Bristle Technique is Used to Make Eyebrows?

The process consists of drawing hair-like lines with permanent make-up pigment in the spaces between and around the eyebrows. In fact, hairs are drawn next to your eyebrow hairs in the same color and direction as your natural eyebrows. Since these small lines are made with permanent make-up pigment, it lasts for a long time. These hair-like lines drawn on the upper layer of the skin cannot even be distinguished by someone who is looking at you.

Is There Pain with Microblading?

Before starting the procedure, the area is treated with an anesthetic cream to alleviate the pain that might be caused by the needles. Microblading work is done close to the skin surface and gives a very clear and clean image. By means of needles, the pigment is processed under the epidermis. Rest assured, the pain is not unbearable.

How Many Microblading Sessions Does It Take for the Eyebrow Process to be Completed?

Depending on your skin, the pigment may not hold in some places after the first procedure. Don't worry about this, because these gaps will be filled again in the 2nd and 3rd sessions. Depending on the situation, separate sessions are used for both eyebrows. The process can be completed with 2 or 3 sessions.

How Many Months Does Microblading Last?

The average permanence period is said to be 1 year, but this can vary depending on the depth of the procedure, the quality of the pigment used and your skin type. While the permanence period is shorter on oily skin types, this period may be longer on dry skin types.


Does the Color Change?

The issue to be considered here is not the color of your eyebrows, but the color of your skin undertone. Since a permanent make-up specialist experienced in pigmentology will start the process by analyzing your skin, there will be no color change in the processes performed at the right color temperature. Of course, for this, the knowledge and experience of the person who will do the application is extremely important.

Can Microblading Be Removed? How Can It Be Removed?

Of course, after the microblading process, you can remove it if you want. But it is much easier not to make mistakes, rather than correct a mistake later. If you decide with the right choices from the beginning, you don't have to bother with removing it later.

In permanent make-up applications, removal is done in 2 ways.

  1. Removing It With Remover Solutions
  2. Laser Removal

1. Removal process with remover solutions:

Solutions are applied with a permanent make-up device on the pigments that were previously placed under your skin. Thanks to these acidic solutions, the pigment is separated from the skin and removed from the surface. This process needs to be repeated for 1 or 2 sessions. If the pigment used in the first process is not the original pigment with organic content, the sessions will take a long time.

2. Laser Removal: 

A laser is directed at the pigment to be removed. In this way, the removal process needs to be repeated in 1 or 2 sessions.

In Which Season Should It Be Done

In Which Season Should It Be Done?

It doesn't really matter what season the process is done. The important thing is to keep your eyebrows away from water for 2-3 days after the procedure. If you are going on a sea vacation the next day, postpone the process. It will be better to have it done when you return from your holiday. You can have the procedure done any time when you can keep your eyebrows away from water for 3-5 days.

Who Is Not Suitable For?

If you are receiving treatment for any health problem, you should definitely consult your doctor before the procedure. Even if all the products used are organic products approved by the American or European Health Organizations and have no harm to human health, they may cause a negative effect or allergy with your current treatment process.

Another important issue is pregnant and breastfeeding women. Since pregnancy and breastfeeding are a very sensitive period that produce many hormonal changes, and even though the products used do not harm human health, it is still not recommended for people to get permanent make-up while pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What Should Not Be Done After Microblading?

Do not sunbathe, do not go to the solarium, do not use chemical facial cleaning products, do not use fruit acid micro-dermabrasion, and creams containing regenerating factors within 30 days after the microblading procedure. Do not have laser treatments on the treated area.

Microblading After Care

Microblading After Care?

During the first week, you only need to apply Vaseline or wax to your eyebrows. Apart from this, please refrain from applying any cream with healing effects. Another important issue you should pay attention to after the procedure is to stay away from the sun and UV rays.

Reactions after Microblading

  • DAY 1: Hooray! Now I Have Eyebrows Too.
  • DAY 2: Oh My God! Why Are They So Dark and Thick?
  • DAY 3: Or Are My Eyebrows Falling Out?!!!
  • AFTER 1 WEEK: My Eyebrows Are Lighter!!!
  • 1 - 2 WEEKS LATER: Wow! My Eyebrows Are Back. How Natural They Look!
  • AFTER I HAVE IT RETOUCHED: This is Great! Is This Me? I’m Glad I Did It…

You will feel better in front of the mirror and you will be ready to take a selfie.

Popular Beauty Saloons in Istanbul

Luxus Galata

Luxus Galata offers beauty treatments for both women and men, providing various services from hair extensions to microblading.

Address: Müeyyedzade, Galip Dede Cd. No: 97B, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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Luxus Karaköy

Luxus Karaköy also offers beauty treatments for both women and men. It provide various services from microblading to prosthetic nails.

Address: Azapkapı, Tersane Cd. No:2, 34421 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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