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We at IstanbulTouristInformation are highly enthusiastic about YourMobileGuide. Thanks to YourMobileGuide’s audio guide system, we were able to make our richly prepared content about our hometown available digitally to a wide audience.

The production of the audio guide was completely straightforward. We were so pleased with the result that we developed many more audio guides, including museum tours, Bosphorus tours and even hop on hop off boat tours.

The operation of the system and the app is absolutely intuitive and user-friendly. The GPS function should also be emphasized. Thanks to geolocation, travelers are easily navigated to the next stop on the tour or to the selected location, and the audio commentary plays automatically as soon as the visitor approaches the stop.

In addition, it is possible to create a free travel guide for visitors with several categories. This allows travelers to see at a glance where the top sights, museums, attractions for children, bad weather activities or romantic places in the mega metropolis of Istanbul are hidden.

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Cooperation with and inquiries about conferences, events and trade fairs in Istanbul.

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Part of Health Tourism arranges treatments from all areas of medicine and aesthetics. Particularly noteworthy are ophthalmology, dentistry, plastic surgery, hair transplantation and beauty treatments. The portal allows a comparison of the specialists, the treatment methods as well as the offers and the costs in different clinics.