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Permanent Makeup in Istanbul, Turkey | Best Prices & Top Beauty Salons 2024


Isn't it true to say "There is no ugly woman, there is only a careless woman"? Makeup has always been an integral part of the life of all women who want to look well-groomed and beautiful. Therefore, permanent makeup is one of the methods most preferred by women who have time constraints and who want to look well-groomed in their daily and business life. With these applications, there are no more careless women. If you have decided to have permanent make-up to look well-groomed 24/7, let's see what this permanent make-up is.

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Permanent Make-Up

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Permanent Makeup in Istanbul

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is the process of leaving natural dyes produced for use on the skin in the upper part of the skin by means of a needle. The distinguishing feature of this method, which is generally likened to tattooing, is that it is not permanent because it is applied to the epidermis, but is permanent for a certain period of time. With thick eyebrows and contoured, full lips becoming popular again, the demand for permanent make-up has also increased.

Permanent Eyeliner Application

The permanent eyeliner is done in the shape of normal eyeliner on the eyelids with the design you have previously determined. Since the color will take time to settle after the application, the colors may seem dark to you at first. After a few days, the color will return to its original form. After the permanent eyeliner application, slight redness and swelling may appear around your eyes, but do not worry, this is perfectly normal. What you need to do is to apply the ointment given by the specialist regularly. In a few days, you will see that this redness disappears on its own.

What Areas Can Permanent Makeup Be Applied?

It can be applied to eyebrows, lips, and eyes. Apart from this, there are also medical uses. Medical uses include application of coloring the nipple and areola after breast removal, vitiligo, alopecia, scars, and spots on the skin.

Permanent Make-up in Istanbul

Permanent Lip Contour

Our lips begin to lose their original color and become paler as time passes, but this is no longer a problem. Permanent lip contour is a great solution for recoloring colorless lips and making them look lively.

If you have thin lips, there is a solution for this. Permanent lip contouring allows women with thin lips to have fuller and thicker lips without any operation or filling application.

If your lips are thick, of course, there is a solution too, it is possible to make large lips look thinner than they are with lip contour application.

How Long Does Permanent Lip Contour Last?

The lip contouring application takes about 2 hours like other applications. Since local anesthesia is used during the application, pain is not felt.

Who Should Not Have Permanent Lip Contour Done?

Permanent lip contouring is not applied to those with capillary cracks, eczema, fungus, wart problems, pigment allergy, people with psychological disorders, type 1 diabetes, inflammatory skin diseases in the application area, acne, pustular explosions, demodicosis, etc. It is also not applied to those with no menstrual period. It cannot be applied to individuals under the age of 18.

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

The life of permanent make-up is generally between 2-5 years. However, this period varies according to the skin structure of the person, age, and environmental factors.

Is Permanent Lip Makeup Harmful?

Permanent make-up dyes are completely vegetable origin. Lip coloring is not a harmful application. The application should be done in a reliable aesthetic center.


What Should Be Considered After Lip Coloring?

If you have a lip contour application, it may be necessary for your lips not to come into contact with water for 1-2 days. You should also avoid spicy or bitter foods, as well as hot and cold foods. You should use special moisturizers on your lips for a few weeks.

When Does Swelling From Lip Coloring Go Away?

You can continue your daily life immediately after the procedure. Slight swelling is expected after the procedure, but don't worry, it will go away after 3-4 hours. Complete recovery takes between 4 or 7 days, although it varies from person to person. Slight swelling and crusting is normal.

Popular Beauty Saloons in Istanbul

Luxus Galata

Luxus Galata offers beauty treatments for both women and men, providing various services from permanent make-up to microblading.

Address: Müeyyedzade, Galip Dede Cd. No: 97B, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Permanent Makeup Istanbul
Luxus Logo

Luxus Karaköy

Luxus Karaköy also offers beauty treatments for both women and men. It provide various services from permanent to prosthetic nails.

Address: Azapkapı, Tersane Cd. No:2, 34421 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Permanent Make Up Istanbul
Luxus Logo

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