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Single Stage Implant in Istanbul, Turkey for Fast and Long-Lasting Results | Best Clinics & Costs 2024

One-Stage Dental Implant in Istanbul Turkey

Last updated on 25 May 2024 

All you need to know about single stage permanent dental implants ...

Turkey is a highly advanced country in dental care and is recognized for high-quality, affordable dental treatments.

Therefore, people seeking dental implants choose for treatment in Turkey to achieve top-notch work at an affordable cost. Most clinics in Istanbul have their own laboratories and X-ray equipment, which saves time and money.

Learn all about dental implants, read about costs & prices and compare the best clinics and hospitals.

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Single Stage Before and After Pictures

Most Popular Clinics for One Stage Implant

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What Is a Single Stage Implant?

Specially designed implants are used for the single-stage implants. The unique grooved structure of these implants increases bone gripping force by 4–5 times.

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Furthermore, implants produced with nanotechnology increase the osseointegration (bone fusion) process, decreasing total treatment time. The implant surface, shaped with nano-technology, allows varied positioning in the bone. Flexibility in positioning enables various alternative teeth on the implants.

These special design implants allow direct screwing of coatings without adhesives. This method enables teeth with broader support areas. Directly screwing the coating prevents long-term issues from adhesives.

Single Stage Dental Implants in Istanbul in Turkey

Things You Should Know Before You Get your Single Stage Implants in Turkey

  • In the last 20 years, dentistry in Turkey has developed significantly, resulting in a high number of first-class oral surgeons and dentists with many years of experience.
  • The tooth clinics in Turkey are really like fancy five-star hotels. Unlike some dental clinics in Europe, they have everything that they need. They even have their own picture machines and special tooth labs. This means they can fix things like implants, crowns, and veneers super fast and affordable.
  • Single-stage implant treatment is not a temporary solution. The patient is treated using permanent, zirconium-plated implants.
  • The waiting time of 2 to 6 months in traditional implants is reduced to a maximum of 3 days.
  • The differences between single stage and two-stage implant (classical method) is the mechanism. Specially designed implants are used for single stage implant. The screw made with the thread surface design allows for high attachment to the bone. In this way, bone cells can form around the implant.
  • The application methods are also different. Not every doctor or clinic can perform this treatment. Only doctors who have received training can do it.
  • The coatings made on single stage implants are special. Therefore, both the coating technician and the dentist must receive training.
  • According to scientific publications, single-stage implants is more successful than the classical two-stage implant. When analyzed and applied correctly, single stage implants give more successful results.
  • It is possible to receive this treatment for any patient with suitable bone structure. Because these implants are made into natural bone. Experienced doctors can understand this from an x-ray.
  • It may be possible to apply a single stage implant to every patient who can receive a 2-stage implant in terms of health status.
  • Many patients take this opportunity to combine their medical travel with a vacation in Istanbul.
  • Local anesthesia is applied during the surgical procedure. So, there is almost no pain, acne, or discomfort.
Single Stage Dental Implant Istanbul

Procedure of Single Stage Implant Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey 

As the first step for your dental implant treatment in Turkey, you should contact us to receive the most suitable clinics. Then, send pictures of your teeth and your medical records. Next, an online consultation will be arranged.

We recommend that your flight lands on Monday for your single stage dental treatment. You will be picked up from the airport and taken directly to the clinic. Here you will have your comprehensive dental exam, which usually includes X-rays, 3D images. Afterward, you will be dropped off at your hotel for rest.

The next day, you will come back to the dental clinic for the treatment. A special anesthesiologist applies sedation. Thus, measurements are taken for all teeth. Necessary medications are given.

After that, the molds taken are matched with the tooth design, and the design is tasted in the mouth. With the using of zirconium coating, these molds are produced. It takes 17 hours to get ready.

In the other day, the zirconium mold is rehearsed, checked and arranged. Polish is applied if necessary. The patient should try implant one day. So the next day is spent resting.

After one day, the patient comes for a check-up. Other necessary procedures are applied. A protective dental plaque is delivered. And so the treatment is completed.

You can continue your eating habits next day.

How Much Does a Single Stage Implant Cost in Turkey?

The approximate cost of single stage implant in Istanbul depends on the specific case, its complexity and the brand of your implant. Depending on the selection of the dental implant brand & methods, the price of single stage implant may start from 499 €.

Prices & ratings compared to other countries, 2024





~ 499 €


~ 1.050 €


~ 1.080 €


~  1.100 €

United Kingdom

~  1.780 €


~  2.080 €


~  2.650 €

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