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The Best Instagrammable Places and Selfie Spots in Istanbul

Whether you are looking for the best instagrammable photos, the perfect vacation photo spots or are a passionate hobby photographer, the magical metropolis of Istanbul offers the perfect backdrop for breathtaking photos just waiting to be captured!

We have put together the ultimate guide to the 11 best selfie hotspots in Istanbul, which you definitely should not miss:

Rainbow Stairs and Umbrella Street:

Right in the heart of the old town, yet in the middle of nowhere, you can find this secret selfie spot. Once in Kebapçıhanı Sokak, all you have to do is follow the concrete staircase, which shines in the most beautiful colors of the rainbow, and you will discover the rainbow umbrellas and lanterns between the red-brick buildings. The perfect backdrop for a magical selfie!

Grand Bazaar

Surrounded by a sea of ​​colorful spices, oriental lamps and colorful Turkish rugs, the Grand Bazaar offers a number of unique photo opportunities that capture the spirit of the Orient!

Tip: Find a shop with illuminated oriental lamps and take a selfie!


Located on the Golden Horn, the district Balat, which is known for its colorful facades, is also one of the lesser-known instagrammable places. Stroll up the narrow, cobblestone streets of this district, which offers a magnificent view of the Golden Horn and capture the authentic Istanbul off the beaten track!

Basilica Cistern

Another spectacular selfie spot hides beneath the city of Istanbul. As the setting for films such as “James Bond”, “The International” or Dan Brown’s “Inferno”, the ancient water reservoir has served as a backdrop for spectacular Hollywood films and also provides the perfect setting for your selfie! The floodlights that illuminate the numerous pillars also create a mystical ambience…

Tip: Find the two medusa heads and take an extraordinary picture of you and your loved-ones!

Istiklal Street

One of the most popular instagrammable places can be found in the middle of Taksim, the buzzling heart of Istanbul. The vibrant Istiklal Street, with its famous red tram and Art Nouveau architecture, is THE place for the ultimate photos!

Blue Mosque

A classic, but definitely one of the best spots for a photo shoot, is in front of the Blue Mosque. It is worth getting up early to have the courtyard as empty as possible and to take the perfect photo. The interior of the Blue Mosque also offers numerous photo opportunities such as the famous Iznik tiles, masterful calligraphy and much more.

Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s Tower, which is associated with many legends, is located 180 meters from the coast of Üsküdar, on a small island in the middle of the Bosphorus. Visiting the lighthouse by boat is a real experience and breathtaking selfies are guaranteed during the trip!

Tip: The best time for a selfie is shortly after sunset, when the sky turns golden.

Galata Tower

As one of the most beautiful vantage points, the Galata Tower offers a sensational panoramic view of the Old Town and the Bosphorus. However, you should also take a selfie in front of the tower. With the famous Galata Tower in the background, you will get fantastic photos – especially at night.

Ortaköy Mosque

The Ortaköy Mosque is one of the city’s most popular photo motifs and also has a place in our list of best instagrammable locations. Although the Ortaköy Mosque itself is worth a selfie, its location in front of the Bosphorus Bridge conjures up a stunning photo location. Breathtaking selfies are guaranteed with the famous bridge, the Bosphorus and the mosque in the background!

The Hagia Sophia

As one of the city’s most famous and most visited attractions, a selfie in front of the impressive interior of the Hagia Sophia should definitely be on every list.

The Galata Bridge

The Galata Bridge not only charms its visitors, it also offers numerous photo opportunities. A harmonious interplay of many elements such as the fishermen, departing ships, screeching seagulls and the food stalls, will help capturing a unique selfie. However, the skyline is even more beautiful at sunset when it creates an atmospheric panorama.

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