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Wedding on the Beach in Istanbul Turkey

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Wedding Packages in Turkey

Turkey is an amazing place to get married because it offers a variety of venues rarely available in another country and very high quality customized services!

We have gathered for you the most popular venues requested by foreigners who plan to get married in Turkey, with 3 options of location : Istanbul, Cappadocia and beach cities like Antalya or Bodrum.


Istanbul Weddings in Turkey

The city of Istanbul is a marvelous wedding destination. With a very high-quality of service and breathtaking venues overlooking the Bosphorus, it is a dreamy setting for lovers to get united in front of their closest.

Find below the most popular venue types and the prices according to the number of guests...

4-Star Hotel Venues

Hotel Venues in Istanbul in Turkey

4-Star Hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul offers a nice range of 4-Star hotels with very high-quality of catering and celebration service. Venues are less luxurious than 5-Stars, but also way more affordable. We can provide very competitive prices for our customers.

Approximate prices for a wedding in a 4-Star hotel in Istanbul, per guest, in Euro coming soon here.

Luxurious 5-Star Hotel Venues

5-Star Hostels in Istanbul

Four Seasons, Ajwa, Swissotel and many others... Istanbul is one of the rare cities with many 5-Star hotels available for wedding celebration, with amazing staff, swimming pool or view and very nice features. We have close partnerships with these hotels and can provide the best prices possible for couples.

Approximate prices for a wedding in a Luxurious 5-Star hotel in Istanbul, per guest, in Euro coming soon here.

Bosphorus Boat Venue

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise in Istanbul

Wedding on Water

The Boat-on-the-Bosphorus venue is also one of the most popular venues to get married in Istanbul, for small or even larger celebrations. The wedding takes place on a luxurious boat tailor made to receive these celebrations. The staff is professional, catering is included in the price and music goes from 19:00 to midnight. A once in a lifetime experience for the happy couple, but also for the guests! You will find various price ranges for this service. We guarantee a high quality service of professionals used to these events, which is sometimes difficult to find among all the offers.

Approximate prices for a wedding in a Boat on the Bosphorus of Istanbul, per guest, in Euro coming soon here.

Ottoman Palace Venues

5 Star Hotels in Istanbul

Wedding in a Palace

Istanbul is the perfect setting for Ottoman related events in historical places. Some Ottoman Palaces are available for celebrations in Istanbul. Although it is a pricey option, it is an unforgettable and privileged venue for weddings in Istanbul. Music and catering are included. The service is very high quality, and the couple can spend an amazing evening with their guests where once sultans lived. Find below some approximate prices. Get in touch with us for tailor-made offers.

Approximate prices for a wedding in an Ottoman Palace in Istanbul, per guest, in Euro coming soon here.


Beach Weddings in South of Turkey

Turkey offers amazing options of venues in beach resorts close to summer cities like Antalya, Belek, Side or Alanya. 

Prices are very affordable and the service of the organization is usually top-notch with the right partner. We will provide you the best prices with the highest quality of service for an incredible wedding in Turkey...

4-Star Hotel Venues

Poolside Wedding in Istanbul Turkey

Poolside Wedding

Winter or summer, 4-Star are always available to greet small or large groups of people for fun and exciting celebration. Usually, the wedding takes place around a nice swimming pool with a view and a nice music setting. The 4-Star hotels often don't have beach access, but the beach is always available for pictures. We can provide you detailed offers but to get an idea, here some price suggestions.

Approximate prices for a wedding in a 4-Star hotel in Antalya per guest, in Euro coming soon here.

Luxurious 5-Star Hotel Venues

Wedding on the Beach in Istanbul Turkey

Wedding on the Beach

In the south of Turkey, the most popular venues for weddings are the 5-Star hotels that provide access to the beach for the wedding. The staff is usually already used to organize everything according to your desires, from flowers to table dressing... 5-Star hotels in Antalya are a great choice that no one regrets for their wedding.

Approximate prices for a wedding on the beach in a 5-Star hotel in Antalya, in Euro coming soon here.

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Why getting married in Turkey?

Getting married in Turkey is becoming more and more popular for foreign and mixed couples wanting to enjoy beautiful wedding venues at a lower price.

Turkey is the perfect place to organize the most stunning event with your family and friends. Here are all the advantages that Turkey provides if you decide to get married there. There are endless possibilities with the creativity offered by Turkish professional service providers.

  • Variety of amazing Venues: Filled with stunning natural beauty and a rich history, Turkey is home to a diverse array of spectacular venues. From a luxurious 5-star hotel to a wedding in an opulent Ottoman palace to a wedding on the water - one venue is more impressive than the other.
  • Reduced Costs: Recently, the number of foreign couples choosing to get married in Turkey has increased significantly. One of the main reasons for this is the cost of wedding ceremonies in Turkey, which is much lower compared to Europe or the USA, while providing high quality services.
  • Creative Ideas: Anything is possible in Turkey! You have a creative idea for your wedding? No problem, in Turkey you can realize even the most extravagant wishes: whether booking an entire hotel or having your own beach created, here your dream wedding will be tailored to your wishes.
  • Quality of Service: Turkey provides an exceptional quality of service, which is the essence for the realization of any dream wedding. Whether it's catering, entertainment, photography services or hair and make-up, thanks to high-quality providers, your wedding reception is guaranteed to run smoothly.
  • Amazing Setting & Background: One reason Turkey is a popular destination for weddings is the vast amount of picturesque settings the country offers for brides and grooms. From a wedding in front of the famous Bosphorus to a tropical beach wedding to a wedding overlooking Istanbul's iconic skyline or a wedding in a lush forest among mighty mountains, you can choose from a variety of dreamlike backdrops.
  • Weather: Another reason that speaks for a wedding in Turkey is its suitable weather. That is why Turkey features plenty of outdoor venues. Couples dreaming of a beautiful outdoor wedding are in the perfect location. Also, many venues provide a backup plan for bad weather, such as indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Tourism opportunities: The fact that Turkey boasts plenty of tourism options is another advantage for a wedding in Turkey. While the bride and groom spend their honeymoon at a luxurious beach resort in a picturesque Turkish coastal town, wedding guests in Turkey can enjoy city tours, excursions to cultural or natural treasures, shopping and a beach vacation to the fullest.
  • Fun Party: Turkish people really know how to have a good time, which is why it is not surprising that the country is a great place for an epic celebration! Expect a great atmosphere, great musicians and entertainment to the finest. You can have a belly dancer show, firework show, drum show, traditional Turkish dancers, and even a circus show during your wedding. Alcoholic beverages are also available at nearly all venues.

Our 25 years of experience at your service

Our 25 years of experience at your service

Our organization has built a 25-year experience at your service for wedding organization. With more than +2500 of the most experienced partners in Turkey, we will provide you the best prices for the best service for a perfect wedding in Turkey !

You can contact us for help, as we are 25-year specialists in organization with our M.I.C.E program in Turkey that adapts to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings in Turkey


Istanbul offers numerous unique venues for couples who would like to tie the knot in a memorable place.

One of the most popular wedding venues in Istanbul is of course the legendary Bosphorus strait. While the Boat-on-the-Bosphorus venue allows for breathtaking views and an unforgettable day, a venue along the Bosphorus, such as a private waterfront villa, can be quite as magnificent.

Some of the most high profile wedding venues in Istanbul are the 5 star luxury hotels. Very popular and a more affordable option are some 4 star hotels in the city. And what could spell a fairy-tale better than an opulent Ottoman Palace venue or an underground cistern?  For more unique ideas, feel free to get in touch with us.

How much does a Wedding in Turkey cost?

Are you dreaming of a big wedding in a 5 star Hotel in Istanbul, a dreamy beach wedding in Antalya or an intimate wedding around the Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia?

Since there are endless possibilities in Turkey, tailored to the preferences and wishes of each couple, it is difficult to give a price. Other important aspects that play a role in determining the price of a wedding in Turkey, besides the location and type of venue, are the number of guests and whether catering and music are included. However, to give you an idea of the price range, check out our Istanbul Weddings and Beach Weddings section.

For more specific information, feel free to make a free an inquiry through this form. Our team of wedding planners will provide you the best rates and venue options according to your budget and needs.

How to plan a Wedding in Turkey?

Although a wedding is the most beautiful thing in the world, planning a wedding can be time-consuming, overwhelming and quite stressful. This is even more true if it is a destination wedding, where distance and language can be a major obstacle.

For this reason, it is certainly best to put the planning of the wedding in the hands of a professional team that will take care of your wishes 24/7. Just contact our specialists with 25-year experience and tell us all the details about your dream wedding, we will make you a perfect offer that will meet all your expectations and needs. And after signing the contract, you can sit back, relax and get ready for your big day!

Is Catering included in Weddings in Turkey?

This depends entirely on the venue. Many venues offer catering or wedding packages that include a basic catering service.


In Turkey, wedding dresses have quite a wide price range. Depending on the store, the type of fabric the dress is made of and the prestige of the brand, the prices for the same dress can vary in different stores.

In ordinary small stores without brand names, you can find dresses between 3,000 TL and 7,000 TL.

In prestigious Turkish brand name stores, prices start at 5,500 TL for the most basic dress and can go up to 15,000 TL for a very sophisticated design.

Luxury stores such as Vakko and Designer Workshops are the most expensive with prices starting at 11,000 TL and have no upper limit on the budget.

Where to buy the Best Wedding Dresses in Turkey?

Wedding dresses are available everywhere in Turkey. However, the Nişantaşı and Fevzipaşa streets in Istanbul's Fatih district, the Çankaya neighborhood in the Aegean city of Izmir and the Gençlik neighborhood in Turkey's Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya are particularly recommended. Here you will find the best selection of the most beautiful wedding dresses and a better price offer.

Are there wedding packages are available for weddings in Turkey?

Yes, many venues in Turkey offer a range of wedding packages from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. There are even all-inclusive wedding packages that make planning easier for the bride and groom, and sometimes even more affordable. They are especially popular with foreigners planning a destination wedding in Turkey.

How to find a good Wedding Planner in Turkey?

Since the wedding industry in Turkey is extensive, a Google search will find hundreds of available listings for a wedding planner. However, finding the right wedding planner is crucial to making the most beautiful day of your life run smoothly. That's why we're happy to help you find the right wedding planner for your needs and budget. Simply contact us using our form.

How much does a Wedding planner cost in Turkey?

The cost of a wedding planner in Turkey depends greatly on the size of your wedding, the location and venue, the time and the scope of services offered.

If you choose a full-service wedding planner with complete planning, you should naturally expect higher prices than if you choose partial planning. Wedding planners in Turkey typically offer packages, from which you can choose the scope of services.

The average cost of such service packages in Turkey is usually between €1000 and €5000. However, for very creative and unique weddings, the cost can be much higher, according to the uniqueness of the event.

How to find a Wedding photographer in Turkey?

Many venues in Turkey do provide a wedding photographer, but these are usually not necessarily very creative photographers. So, if you want to make sure that your wedding pictures will be as modern and beautiful as you have always imagined, you can hire a wedding photographer yourself instead.

Finding a good wedding photographer is all about finding a trustworthy photographer who specializes in weddings. Look at his previous work to see if you like the photographer's style. Also, talk about the price and all the services included in it. We look forward to helping you with your wedding. Just contact us and we will respond to you within 24 hours.


Many venues offer a catering service, which may be included in the price. Usually there are two options: dinner with or without alcohol and a cocktail reception. Buffets at wedding are not common in Turkey.

Many venues have set dinner menus that may not match what you are used to at home in terms of selection and quality. Therefore, a high-quality outside catering service that allows you to specify the food according to your tastes and guests' dietary restrictions can be a good option.

Please note that some venues that provide on-site catering do not allow outside catering. Be sure to address any catering related questions when choosing a venue.

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