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14 Creative and Unique Ideas for an Amazing Wedding in Turkey

15 creative and unique ideas for amazing wedding in Turkey

Did you know more and more foreigners are coming to celebrate their wedding day in Turkey? Hundreds of people from all around the world come to Turkey to create amazing weddings and enjoy the best day of their life with all their relatives in an amazing landscape. There are so many possibilities, including garden weddings, beach weddings, boat weddings, and weddings in the mountains...

Turkey is a country with a million possibilities for unique and creative ways to get married. Did you ever think of celebrating your wedding in Turkey? Are you looking for some unique ideas?

On this page, you will find 14 unique and creative wedding ideas that are possible in Turkey to make your wedding one your guests will never forget. Get ready to have sparkles in your eyes.

Before starting, keep in mind IstanbulTouristInformation offers wedding and event organization services for people all around the world, who want to get married in Turkey. Don't hesitate to check out our page about wedding and event organization in Turkey.

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1. Create Your Own Beach

You're not mistaken, it's possible to do crazy things like create your own beach in Turkey. Apparently, some couples ask to bring more sand to the beach where they will get married because they want a larger sand area. Crazy, right?'s possible in Turkey, especially in the Bodrum, Izmir, and Antalya areas. Of course, these kind of demands require a high budget! But, it's still possible. As they say, in Turkey, only the sky is the limit...

Get married on the Bosphorus

2. Get Married on the Bosphorus

Did you ever think of getting married on a boat? And what about a boat wedding on the most famous strait in the world? Getting married on the Istanbul Bosphorus has always been a popular wedding option for locals and foreigners getting married in Turkey.

Many boat companies offer very interesting options with diner and party organization. Although it's easy to find a boat willing to organize your wedding, it's more difficult to find one that has good organization skills.

  • If you are thinking of getting married on the Bosphorus, get in touch with our team though our contact form. We will make sure to find you the best boat for the wedding of your dreams in Istanbul.

3. Have a Ceremony on the Beach

Who never dreamed of a romantic wedding with their feet in sand once in their life? Yes, beach weddings are the most popular in the world and a majority of couples would be more than happy to say "yes" in front of the sea.

Well, Turkey offers amazing organizations on the beach. The Bodrum and Antalya areas are very popular for these kind of dreamy weddings. You can have the ceremony on the beach and diner either inside or also on the beach, with all your guests. What a dream! Imagine the wedding pictures!

This kind of organization seems easy but actually requires a very well trained staff, adapted equipment, and of course...a beach! Luxurious resort hotels that have a private beach, trained staff, and authorization are the best options for a beach wedding in Turkey.

  • If you want to see options for beach weddings in Turkey, don't hesitate to contact our team. We have a large range of choices and can find you the right option for your budget!
Wedding in a Palace in Turkey

4. Wedding in an Ottoman Palace or Mansion

Did you know some Ottoman palaces and mansions are for rent in Turkey? You can organize all kinds of events, like weddings or special celebrations in these places, mainly in Istanbul.

You have the choice between Çırağan Palace, Sait Halim Paşa Mansion, the Bosphorus Palace, and several other amazing places for a very unique wedding.

These places are quite familiar with organizing weddings and offer very high end service in the most beautiful places. The atmosphere is royal and the guests are treated very well.

For more information about these places, please contact our team through our contact form.

5. Amazing Shows During Your Wedding

Shows with performers have become a tradition in the last few years. They have a real place in weddings, specially in Turkey. The possibilities are very unique and sometimes only available in Turkey.

To give you an idea, you can have a firework show, drum show, belly dancer show, traditional Turkish dancer show, and even a circus show during your wedding. It's a very creative way to entertain your guests and make your special day unforgettable. Ask us questions in the comment section or in private.

Amazing wedding photographers in Turkey

6. Amazing Wedding Photographers

At your wedding, the photographer might be as important as the band you pick. In fact, Turkish people who want a specific photographer will not hesitate to postpone the big day to fit the schedule of the photographer or the wedding photograph team. There are very skilled, modern, and creative photographers in Turkey.

Please check out our article on wedding photographers in Turkey to find the best one for your wedding.

7. Book a Whole Hotel

Big weddings require big organization. Weddings with more than 300 people are quite normal in Turkey. If you wish to have a giant ceremony with a lot of guests coming from different places, booking a whole hotel is very easy in Turkey.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the dates. Hotels that provide full service, organization of your wedding, as well as rooms for all of your guest will be booked in advance (a minimum 4 months in advance, 1 year in advance would be safer). These hotels will take care of everything and provide you a stress and worry-free wedding. 

To learn about these hotels, please contact us. We will provide you a full budget according to the number of guests you have.

8. Get Married in the Air

You can choose to get married up in the air in the most beautiful place in Turkey. Proposal tours are very trendy, but balloon wedding tours are a really unique activity in Cappadocia. The capacity is restricted to 28 people, but provide a very private and intimate moment. The main challenge is finding a marriage officiant who is willing to go up there to marry you. Again, nothing is impossible in Turkey, if you have the budget. Another option is to get married on the ground and to have a celebration tour right after.

Dreamy romantic weddings in garden in Turkey

9. Dreamy Romantic Wedding in a Garden

Have you heard of "Kır Düğünü" weddings in Turkey? These types of weddings are the mostly picked by local Turkish people who want a romantic style wedding.

It's simply a wedding in a garden for weddings, in the open air. It's very popular in the spring and summer, especially in coastal areas like the Izmir, Bodrum, and Antalya regions. Kır Düğünü weddings are a speciality in Turkey. 

Each city offers many options of gardens to get married in. These gardens are decorated and organized very well. You can find a garden for every budget.

10. Get Married Under the City

What about celebrating your wedding in a cistern or a historical cave? Getting married underneath a city is becoming a thing in Turkey and can offer very interesting and unique atmosphere for a wedding. The lighting and acoustics bring some nice romantic vibes to an already very romantic moment.

There are cisterns in Istanbul and caves in Cappadocia that can provide this service.

You can contact us if you want more information.

11. Say "Yes" in an Aquarium

Did you know that in Antalya, you can privatize an Aquarium and have a wedding ceremony there. Indeed, underwater weddings in Turkey are not so popular because there are not many places offering this option, however, it's possible and quite unique. The Aquarium organizes everything, from the decorations to guest greeting, and allows you to enjoy a pure moment of fun, surrounded by hundreds of amazing fish. Would you like to have a wedding like that? 

12. Rooftop Terrace Wedding

Not so unusual, but rooftop terrace weddings can be brought to another level with the view they offer. In Turkey, you can book terraces with a sea view, a view on the Bosphorus, or a view of the Cappadocian landscape with balloons floating around. See other options in our article on the best marriage venues in Turkey.

Rustic style weddings in Turkey

13. Rustic Style Wedding

If you are a nature lover, here's an unusual wedding you will definitely like. Getting married in a village, a little bit outside the city center, in a rustic environment, with the ones you love. It's the simplest but most unique way to say "yes." 

There are hundreds of villages around Izmir, Istanbul, and Cappadocia that would be happy to organize your wedding in the traditional way, including all the Turkish wedding traditions.

14. Wine Harvesting Route Wedding in Turkey

For all the wine is the most perfect wedding idea, ever! Have your wedding celebration and a wine harvesting discovery! Some couples who like to drink wine and the activity of picking grapes have found a great way to become husband and wife, in the middle of a vineyard.

In Turkey, you can find venues that provide modest but quality organization services in regions like Paşabağları, Dervent, Ürgüp, or during the Grape Harvesting Festival in Bozcaada. The pictures in this environment are amazing!

It's time for you to pick one of these ideas and tell us your favorite in the comments below. Our favorites include beaches, nature, and views!

If you are looking for support in organizing your wedding or celebration in Turkey, ask us for a free quote! Here is our page about organization services in Turkey.

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