10 Best Wedding Venue Ideas in Turkey

10 Best Wedding Venue ideas in Turkey

When preparing for your big day, choosing the right venue is a very important decision. It sets the scene for the event and shapes the entire wedding. From elegant wedding salons to luxurious hotels and beach weddings, Turkey offers a wide range of stunning wedding venues for thousands of local and foreign couples who decide to get married here.

In this article, we have gathered the 10 best ideas for wedding venues in Turkey. These are the most beautiful wedding venue ideas. Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

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1. The Beach

Could there be a more dreamlike setting than on a white sandy beach, surrounded by the roaring sound of crashing waves, and the sun setting over the sea? Antalya is famous for its many picturesque beaches and is one of the most popular locations for beach weddings in Turkey. Contact our team to learn more about weddings on the beach.

2. A Private Boat

For couples seeking the perfect venue that has the WOW factor, a wedding on a private boat could be just the right idea. Imagine cruising on a private luxury yacht and experiencing your dream wedding while the sun sets over the water. Such a sensational experience is sure to be remembered forever. Contact our team to learn more about boat wedding organization.

Gate one of Ciragan Palace view in Istanbul

3. An Ottoman Palace

Enjoy the most unique and memorable setting for your big day...in an Ottoman Palace. Not only will guests love the wealth of history within these walls, but also the grandiose architecture of your unique wedding venue.

Wedding in a Luxruy Hotel in Turkey

4. A Luxury Hotel 

Some of the most popular wedding venues are luxury hotels. In Turkey, there are countless hotels that host weddings and are therefore very experienced in wedding organization. Whether luxury hotels with banquet halls rich in grandeur, historic hotels with classic ballrooms, or chic hotels with modern ballrooms, in Turkey you can find the right hotel for your big day that suits every budget and taste. Contact our team to get a list of the best hotels to organize you wedding in Turkey.

Wedding in Villa in Turkey

5. A Private Villa

An elevated backdrop for a beautiful wedding is a private villa overlooking the sea. Because of the pandemic situation, more couples are organizing a villa wedding with intimate friends and family. In addition to the fantastic view, the historical mansions impress with their magnificent architecture, noble interiors, beautiful gardens, terraces, and great ambience. Contact our team for more information on how to organize your wedding in a villa.

A Rooftop Terrace in Turkey

6. A Rooftop Terrace

In a wedding on a rooftop terrace, you can tie the knot above the city. The phenomenal view of the city skyline coupled with the extravagant atmosphere provides a tranquil contrast to the city bustle below.

7. An Outdoor Wedding in a Garden (Kir Düğünü)

An outdoor wedding in a picturesque garden is a very romantic place to get married. With a backdrop dominated by idyllic nature, colorful flowers, bows, and big draped columns as the bride and groom float through a beautiful garden, stunning wedding photos are guaranteed. Contact our team to learn more about the most incredible gardens available for weddings in Turkey.

8. A Waterfront Venue

A waterfront venue with flowers and fairy lights sets an enchanting scene for an unforgettable wedding. Whether a lake, a sea, or the Bosphorus, such breathtaking scenery makes for WOW moments at any wedding celebration.

Wedding in Cistern in Turkey

9. A Cistern

A truly exceptional location for a wedding is a centuries-old cistern. Getting married  underground with a spectacular backdrop and an almost mystical ambience will provide you and your guests with a lasting memory of your special day.

10. A Restaurant

Other popular wedding venues are elegant restaurants. Whether you want an exclusive and luxurious wedding celebration or an authentic and intimate wedding, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from to suit your taste and budget.

Where would YOU organize your wedding? Pick one of these options and tell us about it in the comment section.

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